Politico-Cultural Authorities

In addition to the direct financial support of music by state funding, parliaments and governments at the national and state level have, with legislative and administrative measures, a decisive influence on the way music develops.

At the national level, legislation related to taxation, social policy, youth, the legal sphere, the economy and foreign policy exert great influence on some key areas that impact on the development of the music sector, in addition to the sponsorship of projects of national importance. Thus, for instance, there are regulations in income tax law that are relevant to culture, as there are in corporation, foundation and foundation tax laws. The legislation governing the promotion of associations, for instance, contains tax incentives and simplification clauses for music associations such as the numerous choirs, amateur orchestras and ensembles. Social insurance legislation for artists and the law on copyright and copyright contracts impact directly on the social and legal position of artists. The Federal Government concludes agreements with other countries in order to achieve improvements in the way cultural cooperation is organised. Projects and programmes in the sphere of international cultural policy publicize musical developments in Germany; support is also given to cooperation and intercultural exchanges.

The role of the federal states is, in addition to the direct financial funding of music institutions, to set framework conditions for such areas as schools, universities, youth and amateur music and libraries.

Local governments shape the infrastructure of local and regional music life by direct support to institutions and individual projects. The cultural activities of local districts and small towns, rural districts and other local government authorities as of the district government bodies are arguably of value in bringing music to a broader section of the population.

In these sub-sections you will find details on the structure and human resources of those decision-making bodies at the various political levels in the legislative and executive that are important to the music sector. Subsidiary agencies are grouped under the individual headings according to their functions. Up to date information on the upper echelons in political administration at the national, state and local government level can be found in such publications as, for example, Taschenbuch des Öffentlichen Lebens and in Fischer Weltalmanach