Radio and Television

The public broadcasting corporations (radio and television) in Germany play a key role in the culture of the country. They have in the past decades had decisive influence on many areas of musical development with productions that have been commissioned, own productions and technical innovations, in contemporary music, especially electronic music, for instance, in early music, jazz, folk music, quality popular music and chansons.

The first sub-section describes the public broadcasting corporations with the departments, editing staff and other agencies relevant to music. The broadcasting council is listed in instances where council members with responsibility for music or culture can be identified. Details on radio symphony orchestras and radio orchestras are listed under the heading Symphony Orchestras in the section on Orchestras, Opera and Musical Theatre; here you will also find the radio choirs and vocal ensembles with their musical directors and the number of scheduled members and similar information on big bands. Further information on the individual broadcasting corporations is contained in the publications listed in the theme portal Media and Research, notably the ARD-Jahrbuch, the ZDF-Jahrbuch and the Deutsche Bühnenjahrbuch.

There are private broadcasting stations in all the federal states. The sub-section lists, in addition to nationwide specialised private broadcasting organisations – privately run radio and television programmes separated according the national or state level. At the state level, the private stations are preceded by the supervisory authorities for private broadcasters with the representatives for music and culture in the media councils as well as the open and citizens channels that sometimes have radio and television programmes.