Concert Agencies and Artist Management

The artist and specialised placement services of the Federal Employment Agency (Artists Services and Central Agency for Stage, Television and Film (ZBF) listed in this section are specialised facilities of the Central Placement Office /ZAV) for the entertaining, music, advertising and fashion industries.

The agencies of the Central Stage, Television and Film Placement Service for the centres Cologne, Berlin, Hamburg, Leipzig and Munich act as agents for artists from the theatre, opera and musical theatre, orchestras, film and television. The staff of the ZBF advises artists on all aspects of artistic, professional and contractual matters.

The services provided to artists and the Central Stage, Television and Film Placement Service itself places special emphasis on advising the younger generation of artists. Those leaving state training institutes in Germany, Austria and Switzerland can take part in the annual auditions for actors and musicians held by staff of the artist services and the ZBF.

Graduates and academics with professional experience who are looking for employment outside the artistic sector – graduates of music or dramatic art for example, can seek advice from their local employment offices.

In the section on concert agencies and artist management, the members of the Association of German Concert Agencies and of the IDKV – German Association for the Promotions Industry – and other companies outside the associations are listed that have supplied the relevant data. Concert agencies and artist managers are involved in the facilitation and management of musical events and tours; some of them are simultaneously or exclusively active as agents and managers of artists. Information on the sphere of activity of the various agencies (popular or serious music, concert management, booking services for artists or the arrangement of events for third parties, etc) and the addresses and other data supplied are based on material from the professional associations.

There are many other bodies that act as performance organisers in addition to the agencies mentioned here. These include public cultural organisations such as theatres, orchestras and training institutes as well as numerous non-profit music federations, cultural societies, associations and groups, especially those with a regional or local scope and influence.