Festivals, Courses und Congresses

Festivals, festival weeks, festival performances and any series of performances taking place outside the normal schedule of concerts play an important role in the concert and event world and are thus a factor in music culture. We can only list a limited and perhaps subjective selection of professional and semi-professional activities from the vast array of festivals that are held, most of which are of a supraregional nature and held at regular intervals, whose programmes have a predominantly musical character and which distinguish themselves from the normal range of concerts by their international aspects or special theme focus. We could not include the numerous music festivals that are held in the area of instrumental and vocal amateur music but, where information was available, these are included in the section Associations, Federations, Societies under the associations and federations under whose auspices they come.

You can find a chronological overview of the listed festivals, festival weeks and festival performances in our Festival Guide, including mottoes as well as thematical focuses and extended search possibilities.

The same applies to courses (summer schools, holiday courses, master courses) and congresses, where only a small number of examples in the professional sector are listed that are of national or international relevance and whose focus is in some way out of the ordinary. Further courses, seminars and training programmes are provided by numerous organisations, associations and training institutes. You will find comprehensive information on courses, congresses, advanced and further training programmes in Germany divided into the many options available according to the type of training or education involved in our Course Information System. Music journals also contain information on music festivals, courses and congresses.