Music Industry

There are many professional and personnel-related links between the music industry in the narrower sense (private sector) and public institutions: both sectors are inter-related in the way they operate. The following sections detail companies and businesses in the music industry that correspond to the branches listed (publishing houses, instrument builders, music traders, producers of sound recordings, trade fairs, collecting societies). There are numerous other companies in other sectors such as record player manufacturers, sound studios, pressing plants, etc. that cannot be listed here. You can find information on these sectors in the theme portal Music Industry.

The sub-section on music publishers lists music publishers organised in the German Music Publishers Association (DMV) in addition to other companies that publish books on music, sheet music and in some cases sound recordings. The data of the publishers organised in the DMV were taken over from the DMV; the way the publishers’ programmes are displayed reflects the system used by the association (popular or serious music with the corresponding differentiation within the genres). The information on the other publishers was made directly available to the MIZ by the companies concerned; hence they differ from the DMV system regarding the information on publishers’ programmes.

The section on music instrument building includes both industrial firms and the numerous traditional craftsmen. The firms organised in the National Association of German Music Instrument Manufacturers and the German Piano Industry Association are listed alphabetically. As additional information, the publicly appointed and sworn experts engaged in various aspects of the building of music instruments are also listed. The sub-section on handicraft establishments lists the instrument manufacturers organised in the music instrument trade associations (National Guild of the Music Instrument Trade, Federation of German Piano Makers, Federation of German Master Organ Builders, Association of German Violin and Bow Makers) plus other instrument building branches that have supplied information data. The publicly appointed and sworn experts registered by the Federal Guild Association for the various sectors of the music instrument building trade are also listed.

The classification of music instrument building into specialised areas is based on the register of the publicly appointed and sworn experts for the musical instrument trade as follows: Organ and harmoniums, piano and cembalo, violins, bows, plucked instruments, woodwind instruments, brass instruments and percussion, squeezebox instruments and other manufacturers.

The music retail business, including the qualified information and advisory role of specialised music retailers, has an important part to play as a link between music publishers, instrument manufacturers and the phonographic industry on the one hand and the end-user on the other. The members of the Association of German Music Retailers and of the Society of Music Merchants SOMM are listed; data on these bodies originate from the associations. Other specialised music merchants are listed in cases where relevant information was provided.

In the sub-section on sound recording and video programme manufacturers, the members of the National Association of the Phonographic Industry and the international Federation of the Phonographic Industry (German section) are listed in accordance with data provided by the associations. The members of the National Association of Independent Sound Recording Companies, Music Publishers and Music Producers (VUT) as well as other audio media producers are listed where details were made available.

The most comprehensive overview of the music market or certain areas of the music industry can be obtained from the trade fairs and exhibitions held at regular intervals. In addition to the functions listed under this heading, there are now fairs and similar functions for specialised segments of the music industry; there are also exhibitions held as part of festivals, congresses and other supra-regional events.

The collecting societies look after the copyright and performance protection rights of composers, librettists, arrangers, performing artists, authors and translators of specialised literature, writers and publishers of musical works as well as editors and sound recording producers.