Press and Publications

The daily and weekly press has a central go-between function in the field of information and reporting on musical activities and events. In addition to the culture features such as the arts and music pages, there are the local and other sections that cover amateur music and rock and pop.

The sub-section headed Music Periodicals makes a representative selection from the wealth of journals, almanacs and other periodic publications and classifies them according to bibliographies, journals and almanacs. Under journals and almanacs are listed periodicals from all musical genres and related or parallel fields to the extent that they have supraregional and professional relevance. Bulletins, circulars and the like issued by organisations, societies and institutes are usually included under the corresponding organisational sub-section. We were not able to include the bulletins of state and regional associations, calendars and periodic sheet music publications, programmes and in-house journals of presenters, orchestra, theatres and visitors’ organisations or PR material put out by the music industry.