Concert Halls

Concert halls, architecturally designed and technically equipped for the purpose of holding concerts, are together with the opera houses the principal venues for performances of serious music. The sub-section on concert halls lists establishments that feature regular guests performances in addition to performances by regional and local orchestras and ensembles, meaning that they usually cover a broad spectrum of music ranging from early music, classic symphony concerts, through to contemporary music and pop and contain a specific orientation in their programmes. Not included are venues that primarily serve as places where musical ensembles from that town or city can gives performances but which are also available for other types of function such as conferences, trade fairs, congresses or theatrical performances and music festivals. Buildings intended for non-musical purposes are not included here and neither are the many smaller municipal centres and halls whose importance for local, municipal and also regional functions should not be underestimated. There are in addition an array of venues for musical events organised by bodies such as conservatories of music (lecture halls) and radio stations (studios). It was not possible to include these here either.

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